My Christmas wish was to not be here in my apartment alone but it is the gift I’ve been given so I am humbled and receive it. Their are many moments in peoples lives that are very much so like this. Moments that build our inner strength and force us to use our imagination in the self discovery of who we really are. Deep in the core of our beings we find our shadows and we fear them but, we also find our light. The light of who we are burns brighter the darker the shadows.

When a woman is told of her beauty, it is her nature to play down the compliment regardless of the positive feelings it may bring forth. Her thoughts about herself maybe a mixed bag but her reply of “Thank you” is her humble acceptance. When a man is told he is a good father, he’s doubts of whether or not he provides all that he is capable of to the fullness of his abilities are put to rest albeit only if for a moment, with his “Thank you” for the reply.

I believe that to be alone offers the greatest companionship of one. I find that in being alone I am not alone so I say my Thank you with all sencerity. There is no physical body to warm me but my heart is aflame next to my distant companion.


10 thoughts on “My First Christmas Alone

  1. I just read it and..wanted to say I do admire you about being able to perceive being alone during Christmas as a gift. Of being alone and not being alone at the same time. Beautifully said and brings…yes, does bring peace to one’ s mind.
    I also wanted to say i can relate to be honest since my beloved Highlander is in Finland and all I could wish for is to be with him.
    Merry Christmas and Happy holidays!

  2. Indeed we all need time alone in order to more fully occupy who we are, you know? Although the perfect time for this varies from person to person, I would still imagine, traditional girl that I am, that it would not fall on Christmas. But, just think of this experience as another weave in the tapestry and it will be a crucial part of the emerging beauty. Reading you like this, I know your heart is in the right place and you made it. πŸ™‚

    • 😊 I do.. It did… Thank you
      I love the empty and the full. It is what lays in between, satisfaction, that I dare not linger. Maybe, if the stars twinkle just right, I will walk a path with someone who knows that being alone is not really that lonely and that when something is empty it does not require a filling.
      Enough said, back to licking the whipped cream(creme brΓ»lΓ©e in my case) from my fingers πŸ˜‰

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