The links of the bloated chain rattled and for a spit second the gravity took over leaving a sinking feeling in the pit of my belly. Her heavy hand placed on mine caused and uncomfortable sweat though I dare not move it. “This will be fun, just relax and enjoy the ride.” She says, eyes scanning the motley crowd. I was told it would be over before I knew it when I reluctantly conceded to this right of passage. The time spent alone with her enhances the jarring motion in the rickety carriage. It is not a coaster that contains multiple passengers but only two so the line spreads out like a string of ants marching to dissect the pray. At the precipice, I felt trepidation abandon me in the solitude of her companionship. The laughter and shouts became muted by the ghastly height we had attained and the wind brutally whipped loose strands of hair, across my cheeks and eyes as if it wanted to stay hidden in the empty sky, yet torture me from afar never the less. The grind of cold metal hovered in my ears when I felt the release and we plummeted through the weightless expanse. I gripped the bar restraining me while watching her steel blue eyes swell in wicked delight. Throwing her arms high above, her mouth opened and though I could not hear her screams of ecstasy as we fell, her twisted smile deafened my reason……… “again please”


4 thoughts on “Again Please

    • Stories hidden inside stories. Funny how we can look back an find humor in things that, with a sober mind would not be viewed as funny. Never the less, I will answer your request but be wary of what you might read hidden between the spaces of my mind. The illusions are but reflections of a reality that might be best untold. 😦

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