There are three origins of Lovers.

The Lovers of the heart that in whimsy release the gossamer wings of a longing desire upon succulent pedals that kiss the eyes and ears.There are Lovers of the body who create the hunger long into the night’s air that passion’s memory recalls in the poetic land’s of the flesh. And, above all others, there are Lovers of the mind, haunting your soul causing the heavily laden floorboards to moan in protest when they carelessly stride through leaving you to wither in native soil.

They enter swiftly in a body towards the bar, these three, stirring up what was once settled.

Daily Prompt


27 thoughts on “Three people walk into a bar

    • I can’t be that short: I write, I write, I write! lol… Another group does Friday Fictioneers. It has to be 100 words or less. I am going to give it a try. Can I be succinct for once? We shall see

      • There is a prompt, though I did not participate, that suggested writing about something small. I love to read how ppl do that because that is the fascinating part of writing for me. Like your yellow stove that matches the fridge, I want to know what kind of yellow was it, is it clean or does it have broken pieces of the dried pasta lingering in the corners. (I’m a messy cook lqtms) What do the handles feel like? does their shape remind you of something? I can’t wait to read your story when you are ready for it to be finished.
        There are not many words in 100. That is tough I think

      • 100 words are not enough. I’m willing to try… I do not add details that are not relevant to the story. If the couple is not about to fight over dishes or buy new appliances, I would detail it lol… I do have a second story that introduces another character. I put a lot of details in that one because it’s from a kid’s viewpoint: they notice everything 😉

      • Geez, now I have to surpass your expectations. I’m kidding… I am posting that second short story tomorrow as the DP Writing challenge! They just posted the prompt. Tomorrow is going to be very productive 😉

      • The thing with forms is that feedback comes back to me privately. I talked to a couple friends who gave me their input and I pieced it together. Let me open a new post to get more suggestions. Hopefully I will have it by tomorrow afternoon. You can ask for details haha… I’ll send you the link

      • Very good! Very interesting twists!!! i never thought about any of those. as long it does not conflict with anyone elses, it’s going in! My version is so tame compared to you. LOL… Thanks a million!

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    • Hahaha if I could only figure out how to make them shorter. I do tend to run on and on. Thank you My Pirate. Your praise is always something I hope for. One day I will learn to write as beautifully as you.

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